The most sexy silly memecoin that gets your heart racing and your crypto pumping. Simp for $zkDERPINA ❤️

$ZKDERPINA token address



Derpina brings the transformative power of humor and memes to create generational wealth. 

When your crypto is soaring high, Derpina becomes the femme fatale, irresistible to all who catch her gaze. And when the market takes a dip, Derpina remains steadfast, ready to bring a smile to your face with her playful antics while flipping cheeseburgers at McDonald's by your side. 

Whether in bear or bull markets, Derpina is your unwavering companion, fearlessly riding every wave until we reach the Moon.



$zkDERPINA is a memecoin available on DEX and CEX* (coming soon) 

We recommend buying on DerpDEX.com to pay low gas fees using zkSync and farm $DERP airdrop.


Total supply of 69,000,000,000,000

No buy or sell tax. Love is free.

No team allocation. Team is busy making love.

100% fair launch. Love is fair.

LP is locked. True love is all sparks. 

Contract ownership renounced. Love is blind.

Do not take Derpina's words. Check for yourself

$zkDERPINA: 0x8574852F548351aD5fE7f712009362997c1d14Bb

Token ownership renounced: Fixed supply of zkDerpina 

LP locked: 0% rug. More love for Derpina 

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